Grand Vital dried goji berry
Hand picked berries, dried with modern technology, packed in a controlled environment.

BEST VARIETY: All berries used by Grand Vital are the best "Ning Qi No.1" variety of goji. This superior variety is a cultivar of the first wild goji berries which history records being discovered on the high plateau of Ningxia along the upper reaches of the Yellow River about 2500 years ago. This variety of goji has the highest levels of polysaccharides – 5-6 percent, as compared with only 2-4 percent for common goji.

There are 280 delicious, sweet, soft grains in each 50 grams of Grand Vital Dried Goji Berry.

Each packet contains 250 gr.

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Grand Vital 100% Goji Juice

Have you ever eaten a fresh goji berry? Probably not, unless you were lucky enough to pick one in a field in Ningxia. They are simply too perishable to be marketed fresh. That is why Grand Vital's high-tech processing plant is located in such a remote area of Western China. It is just 30 minutes from our growers' fields. This allows us to rush the fresh berries to the factory in time to preserve all the natural goodness of the fresh berries in all our goji products. We guarantee that all Ruby Goji products are made from fresh goji berries that were picked within six hours of processing.

Our contract growers cultivate berries using "organic" practices. All of them have the China Green Certificate organic certification, and some also have the USDA NOP Organic certification. Our growers' goji bushes are not planted close together to maximize yield per acre. They space their goji bushes to receive maximum sunlight (for maximum polysaccharide levels) and prevent pest infestation.

All of our berries are hand-picked from the bushes one by one. This ensures that the goji entering our plant for processing are not damaged.

Our processing preserves all the natural nutrients. The fresh berries slowly pass through a two-stage thorough washing process which removes all leaves and dirt. It is a sad reality that industrial pollution has now touched every corner of the planet from the highest Himalayan peak to the most remote corner of Antarctica. Grand Vital’s advanced two-stage washing process removes any small residues of modern contaminants that may have drifted into our berry fields.
Our advanced pasteurization process is computer controlled to carefully regulate the temperature to preserve the juice without damaging the delicate polysaccharides or destroying any other nutrients.

Grand Vital Goji juice products contain no chemical additives. Our 100% natural products are produced with only three ingredients:
(1) Ningxia's nutrient-rich golden earth,
(2) waters from melted snow and
(3) pure sunshine.